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Unlike many club DJs who build their libraries based off industry-influenced DJ charts, Henry favors a more authentic approach to culture. As such, he has extensively explored nightlife at home and abroad in search of developing a masterful appreciation for what music works when, and why - even going so far as to learn Spanish in order to explore the emerging electronic scene in Cuba.


Along the way, he has hustled himself into guest sets at bars, parties and clubs in Tobago, Mexico, Havana, Cape Town, Zanzibar and beyond in the name of honing his ability to respond successfully to any situation. 


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Timothy Henry is an open-format DJ and nightlife auteur currently based in Halifax, Canada.


Born and raised in the south of England, he has since been fortunate enough to live in Hong Kong, London, New York and Toronto which informed his high personal standards for creative excellence. 


His inspiration to pursue the art of DJing came in 2013 when a suite of playlists he curated for Toronto's legendary Bar Volo received considerable acclaim from their diverse clientele, convincing him of his ability to select music that affects others. 


From the outset of his career, his primary focus has been on building exhaustive knowledge in pursuit of true versatility - Inspired by veterans such as Diplo, A-Trak and Jamie XX who enjoy success across multiple scenes.

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In Halifax, he is responsible for two of downtown's hottest nightlife fixtures: Saturday nights at Hide & Seek (the city's premier bottle service club) and the monthly party SAFE HOUSE at which he, alongside Nairobi's DJ Kuzi, bring people together with a skillful blend of urban and global sounds.


These events complement a resume that includes work with the African, Latin and Caribbean communities, yoga studios, upscale lounges, corporate groups and the city of Halifax.


Moving forward his aspirations are to collaborate with professionals in the fashion, yoga and luxury hospitality industries as well as continuing to develop a portfolio of nightlife concepts.



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Event Soundtracking

Sometimes it's not all about a packed dance floor. Cultural events such as exhibition openings, culinary competitions and product launches can greatly benefit from the presence of a DJ; adding an electric current to the proceedings and enhancing the sense of occasion. Far more challenging than simply dropping the latest bangers, this supporting role requires humility and control in order to keep the energy level exciting but never obnoxious. 


Music for Business

In recent years, music programming for hospitality and retail has become big business - and for good reason. Coherent playlists, inspired by the aesthetics and values of the brand, can bring everything together and create an ambience that feels just right. Inversely, an incoherent playlist can be as distracting as a row of 60-inch televisions. While a handful of subscription services now exist offering a range of ready-made playlists, nothing beats the 

bespoke approach.

Private Affairs

Looking for a unique way to entertain a select group this season? Do you miss the buzz of nightlife in our current climate of Covid closures? Are you impatient to get back on the dance floor, but concerned about sharing your personal space with strangers? Let me work with you to host an unforgettable night in your private residence, exclusively for friends and family. 


Corporate Parties

Successfully executed staff parties can play an important part of your company’s culture and morale. It’s a chance for the team to celebrate shared triumphs and build comradery for the coming months. These events often entail a cocktail hour and a sit-down meal, followed by speeches and dancing. Such functions require a DJ with the sensibility and range to adjust the tone accordingly and keep everyone buzzing from start to finish.


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Graphic Design for Events

Quality design sets the tone of things to come. It communicates your commitment to delivering an exceptional experience, and can generate anticipation for the big date. With a degree in graphic design from London's prestigious Chelsea College of Art & Design, I also offer creative services for events, such as invitations, menus, posters, social media, branded goods and more. 

Event Support

My personal network includes a wide roster of DJs, chefs, bartenders and audio/visual professionals. I also have a keen knowledge of venues and spaces throughout the city. Whatever your vision, I can help you bring it to life.   


Canada Day is one of my favorite traditions. I had very little reason to suspect my annual Canada Day party could be enhanced in any way. Then came DJ Henry.


I knew he was good but wasn’t quite sure how an artist renowned for engaging crowds at the largest of venues would adapt to a special and more private context. You can understand how I wouldn't want to add a dimension that wasn’t an upgrade to my guests’ experience.


Henry delivered in an unforgettable way. Seeing my guests, from different places and walks of life, dancing away etched an unforgettable picture of the diversity that is Canada in my memory. My 2019 event with DJ Henry T is the new standard.  Highly recommended

Isaiah Olateru, Private event client

I met Henry at a SAFE HOUSE event and decided to bring him in to explore the opportunity of having DJ nights at Antojo. I noticed right away that he had a great ability to read a room and play music accordingly. His attention to detail and a wide range of music helped him to create a great atmosphere. He was very passionate about making sure people had a great time.

Abhi Bawa, Manager, Antojo Tacos & Tequila

Working with professionals is key to my success and working with DJ Henry is an absolute pleasure. I know I can trust him to set the mood for a perfect evening of food and service. He delivers in the booth what I do in my kitchen: a one of a kind experience. 

Luis Clavel, Award-winning Executive Chef

Henry did a fabulous job DJing at our wedding. He really went the extra mile at all stages, from taking the time to get to know what we wanted, to making sure it went smoothly on the day. It is clear that he really wants people to dance and enjoy the vibe he creates, and in our case he did a great job with a brief that included 90s UK garage to metal music - there were dancers from 6-60+!

Laura & Tom, Private event clients

DJ Henry T was fantastic and truly made our celebration special. From the get go he had a bit of a challenge as it was a wedding celebrating 2 cultures and three languages - but he did not disappoint! We were convinced there was no way anyone could work with English, Arabic and Spanish but he performed his magic and had everyone on the dance floor the whole night. Still to this day we are told the music at our wedding is the best they’ve ever heard/danced to and we couldn’t agree more!

Mony & Val, Private event clients

"The Jason Statham of DJs"

DJ KVZI, Producer, DJ & Creative Partner
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